05 Dec Breaking News - Possible return of the Dread Masters, Are we all DOOMED? (Server Event on The Bastion) Featured

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 Update #1 -It has just come to light that both Darth Zansus (Sith Assassin), Bigrekcuf (Operative) are utilizing stealth technology, this will make the hunt for them much more difficult.

It has been discovered that an Apprentice of the Dread Masters named Darth Zansus is still at large and seeking a way to fulfill the resurrection of the much feared Dread Masters. Darth Zansus has located and recovered one of Phobis devices known as the Reltih Gem, a mysterious Sith artifact with the ability to copy a being’s force essence and allowing the essence to be transferred to a partially cloned Bio-Mechanical body. Darth Zansus is close to completing the ritual to restore the essences of the Dread Masters with the help of a defected Imperial Operative named Bigrekcuf. This agent has played a major role in assisting with the recovery of the artifact. Due to loss of forces the Empire and Republic sustained leading up to the Dread Masters defeat; many believe it doubtful that the Dread Masters could be brought down a second time, even with the combined forces of the Empire and Republic.

Darth Zansus has been tracked down to the Outlaws Den on Tattootnie, where he must be stopped at all costs. Neither the Republic nor Empire are taking this threat lightly, even now they are assembling their finest warriors to dispatch this latest danger. This vast threat has sparked an unofficial ceasefire between the Empire & the Republic and has even lead to sharing of knowledge which was the key to locating the Dread Master’s Apprentice whereabouts. It is unknown whether this ceasefire will continue as both side’s ground forces encounter each other in the Den. It is also rumored that rogue Jedi seeking revenge for falling Masters and Knights, Sith seeking personal power, mercenaries seeking riches are also pursuing the Sith Lord to gain access to the remnants of the Dread Masters wealth, technology and armies. We can only hope that Darth Zansus, Ex-agent Bigrekcuf and their Henchmen are stopped in time.


Prize: 3 Million credits and a Varactyl Mount for the player that gets the killing blow on Darth Zansus
Bonus Prize: 2 Million credits / Red-Orange Power Crystal for killing blow on Bigrekcuf
Note: If the event doesn’t last more then 15 minutes, a 2nd round will start around 8:30pm with 2 mill reward for killing Zansus and 1 Mill for Killing Bigrekcuf

 What: The Bastion Server event
When: Mon Dec 9, 8pm-9pm PST
Where: Outlaws Den on the The Bastion / Live Steam http://www twitch.tv/rondogaming
Why: Stop the resurrection of the fared Dread Masters
Who: <Circle of Enmity> Guild, Enmity Podcast and 42gaming.com





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