24 Sep CoE Promotion Ceremony (Shenanagins Happened!)

Published in Circle Of Enmity Guild

Circle of Enmity announced that they would be promoting and changing their General rank. Kimi and Sorriku will now be joining Raging-Rondo and Malitia as Circle of Enmities newest junior officers. This is a huge honor in the guild and we are proud to show off some of the pictures taken at the promotion ceremony located at the guilds stronghold. Kimi and Sorriku have been a huge reason to the guilds latest achievments from top 10 in conquest every week to making sure that we always have groups running something in our very active guild. Here are the pictures and I hope you all enjoy.


Standing in formation waiting for the event to start (Not an RP Server but Talonzz wanted to pretend)


Sorriku kneeling before his leadership


Someone upsetting Talonzz with dance bombs in the middle of the ceremony







Malitia preparing for his kneeling sesion infron of his assigned officer


Kimi fitting in very well in her new position


Close up, because... well... why not?


This is the type of fun you can expect at the guild meetings every monday so show up and be a part of a growing and ever expanding guild. Again though congratulations to Kimi and Sorriku for the promotion you both deserve it.