19 Sep CoE ranking system

Published in Circle Of Enmity Guild

CoE ranking system.

Recruit: Newcomer to the guild. This is the lowest rank, and comes with the basic commodities such as a small amount of repair funds, limited access to tab one of the guild bank, the ability to type in guild chat.

Cadet: This rank is for the more active players that have shown dedication to the guild. They are active in Vent as well as in game, and they answer the call when the guild needs them for conquest, pvp, pve, etc. To prove that you are loyal to the guild you must invest 30 days, and be lvl 55 to obtain this rank. This can be bypassed by the GM if he feels that the player has earned the rank before 30 days.

Shocktrooper: This rank is for raiders. To become a shocktrooper you will need to be assigned to a regular raid group and show that you are dedicated to that group by showing up on time, ready for raid. They are loyal warriors of the guild that have proven that they can fallow orders given by the Grand Moff (GM), and the dark council (Officers).

General: This rank is for those that rise above the rank of shocktrooper and become raid leaders or class leads. They have shown a strong presence in the guild and are quick to help other guild members. They are leaders that take it upon themselves to organize groups for gsf, pvp, pve, and conquest without the supervision of the GM or officers. Additionally they will also be assigned to an officer to help relay information to the rest of the guild in order to keep everyone informed. This is a big responsibility to those chosen.

Dark council: This rank is for Officers. They are long standing members that have proven invaluable to the guild. They have mastered their class. They have earned the respect of the other guild members, as someone who can lead with honor, tact, and patience.

Moff: This is the rank of the Co-GM

Grand Moff: fearless leader (GM)

Conclusion: The best way to rank up is to be active in vent and in game. Talk to the GM and officers to let them know your interest and the rank you are striving for.