27 Dec Enmity Podcast Ep. 16:Scoundrel/Op DPS Talk W/Aikion, Reddit News, and GSF Player Created Content Recap


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  • Drevor
    Comment Link Write on: Monday, 30 December 2013 posted by Drevor

    I'm in totally agreement with Aikion! Dirty Fighting dps in pve is in a really good spot, like I stated in one of my previous comments its one of the best dps speccs in a pve envirnoment, probably just topped by snipers, marauders and maybe mercs. I also think Scrapper is god awful, its a shame since its my favorite specc, but isnt viable for pve and neither pvp...I find it so bad that since I dont really enjoy DF pvp I rerrolled Infil Shadow for pvp! Got a similar "roguish" play stayle and its much much better. About the healing, I also agree that they are probably to powerful and a nerf would be welcomed but I have no clue how they should do it and unless they have it figured it out and tested its probably to let them be a bit "OP" and not screw the specc completely like they have done with some other classes in the past.

    On the new races discussion. Aikion is right one more time, they said that they wont include races that can't speak basic. Imo thats a wrong move by them, if you dont want to listen to the alien lines you can skip it, once we reach the "end game" there wont be many lines for us to listen.
    Wookies are more complicated than just their dialect, Wookies are dont sense the force...in a old comic book series( I think its from the 90s, but I cant really remember the name or finding it) the author created I think 3 force sensitive wookies, they even became Jedi if I recall it correctly! George Lucas hated it so much that he went ahead and forbid it for that point forward, he didn't erase them from the lore but asked the author to create a "weird justification" that could made them the only wookies ever to feel the force. So if they ever think about introducing wookies or any non force sensitive species they have to make them only Tech users and I think they plan to all species can be all classes.

    My all time favorite is Rodian! But if they dont let the "only basic speaking species" go, I wont see them either.

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