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06 Jan Enmity Podcast Ep 17: Predictions, Reddit News, and Props Bioware for Progression


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» fix the trees you have before you move onto expanding

» that would explain the cunning gear with defense rating

» well its great to innovate but the current balancing in the game is too separated in order to add give a more "fairness" in gameplay.

rondogaming: you are def right LOL

» all podcasts can be found at www.42gaming.com

ninerfett: Absolutely love the class ideas you guys have given so far. A class I'm interested in is the beastmaster that you mentioned - but I'd look at it from a different twist. Rather than having the character be dependent on the force, I'd look to a beastmaster similar to Malakili from Return of the Jedi.

rondogaming: I agree i will mention that in at the end of the segment

comradwaffles: what class do you think that can piggy back that off

» that would "fit" into the current story so bioware dosnt have to write a whole new story line

ninerfett: Well, I think it would similar in sorts to a bounty hunter. I'm hesitant to put it under that classification however, because I think the beast handler would consist of different components

comradwaffles: so allow the different classes to use different beasts depending on your ability to train

» sed creatures

ninerfett: However, you could look at the beast handler as someone who over the course of time, has acquired various pets over his travels across the galaxy

» That's true

» Perhaps the Beast Handler concept could apply to multiple classes

» With different classes using varying creatures

comradwaffles: yea whether through the force like a sorc/sage or through physical force like a bounty/trooper

ninerfett: I agree that would be interesting, and you wouldn't necessarily need to write a new story

comradwaffles: no you would just need to adapt the current story where you would get your new "pets"

» would love to bring a rancore into a raid as a slave

» or a least give them a new animation

» for capturing

ninerfett: That's a possibility. In WoW, hunters could capture random NPCs across the world, and use them as their pets.

comradwaffles: THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

ignitia: wonder what pets would be considered viable

comradwaffles: the biggest ones

ignitia: i think a rancor would be kind of insane

ninerfett: Agreed, that's an important factor

ignitia: i see veractyls and such would be good

comradwaffles: most likely mount sized creatures

ninerfett: Yeah, we've seen rancors as operation bosses before, so I'm not sure whether they make their way into actual fights

ignitia: ^

comradwaffles: creatures*

» it would be fun thou think about it

ignitia: but with the suggestion that comrad put out it would be funny to see a rancor punch a raid boss

ninerfett: At the same time, you can integrate Star Wars creatures from other planets, books from the EU, and other games, that may not be present in SWTOR. It's a great way keep Star Wars an important part of the MMO

comradwaffles: or capture and level up a really small and weak pet

ninerfett: Yes, I'll definitely visit the site. I have in the past! Great work guys

ignitia: thanks bud

comradwaffles: yes yes yes very true, i would like them to introduce some of the other story lines as some form or cannon

» some of those baddies are scary as hell

» been reading a ton of the legacy comics lately they are real good if you havnt read them yet

ninerfett: What servers/guilds are you guys in?

comradwaffles: You see humans are goal oriented, we are through school, in the work place, and even in your personal relationships. Those that aren't get left behind. The same applies to a game. Not everyone can play at a high level, nor raid at a high level. They all have their excuses on why and it doesn't matter to me what they are. Nerfs ARE NOT GOOD, sure if a fight is not working as intend, fixing it is ok. But tell me what happens once you clear the place, and then you have it on farm. We sit around and wonder what's next and get bored.

» merc healing is COMEING back


ignitia: hater lol

comradwaffles: TRUST ME i was there

ninerfett: Lol

comradwaffles: big last night said he was going back to a merc

» operative healing is done

» just a needle injection?


» gun to the face

comradwaffles: it gets a buff called "big red button" if you click it off you explode

» the titan six

» bastion btw ninerfett

ninerfett: Ah alright, thanks. I'm currently on Pot5

comradwaffles: or pew pew

» no

xxthornwirexx: Hi

comradwaffles: hello

ignitia: shalom

xxthornwirexx: Op healers heal themselves to hard need self nerf

rondogaming: LOL

ignitia: lol

xxthornwirexx: Well it's true

ignitia: somewhat

comradwaffles: yes yes it is a good one can heal themselves for days

ignitia: sorc to stronk

xxthornwirexx: Takes 3 to kill ops and scoundrels ruined arena

» 2 comp 2 heal

comradwaffles: they still have dps races technically

xxthornwirexx: AND the broken boss XD

rondogaming: LOL what they are all broken on release

xxthornwirexx: BRING BACK RANKED WARZONES. Down with arenas

rondogaming: this and all podcasts can be found at 42gaming.com with my Pyro Merc guide and other fun material

xxthornwirexx: Thoughts on rage timers

comradwaffles: well i would say a dps check not a race

ignitia: they should have both arenas and ranked warzone, but they need to make it cross server

comradwaffles: if you can consider those different things

rondogaming: i will mention timers at end

ignitia: until they do cross server then pvp will be the same way

xxthornwirexx: Cause you can be doing good moving right along the bam timer rage mood wipe

ninerfett: It will be interesting to see how the deal with NiM DF/DP. On Pot5 we have a healthy number of guilds competing with each other in terms of NiM content. Death and Taxes, Provectus, Chosen, Severity Gamin etc. With NiM TFB/SV I thought the release difficulty, while challenging, was at a point where the competition and thrill of downing a boss was exemplified by the work it took.

comradwaffles: the big thing i hope they do with NiM this term around is not to cope out when things get too difficult

rondogaming: niner i agree pot5 is a great server and we envy LOL

comradwaffles: if it gets killed it can be killed again. unless you bug it out

» by anyone

xxthornwirexx: Would love to see cross server some servers are over run by pubs

ninerfett: It's great fun watching those guys raid. I'm in Provectus, not in the first core however, and I have a blast watching them raid.

xxthornwirexx: HARBINGER not fun PVP imp

ignitia: then come to bastion

» lol

xxthornwirexx: Pot5 is better

ignitia: haters

xxthornwirexx: Lola

ninerfett: Your pyro merc class helped me make the transition from Arsenal (my main class for 2 years), to Pyro. Appreciate it!

xxthornwirexx: Target you aye

comradwaffles: dont youll make his epien grow


rondogaming: Thank you

xxthornwirexx: It's over

rondogaming: i apreciate that

xxthornwirexx: Followed

ignitia: thanks

rondogaming: lol grammer and spelling bad

xxthornwirexx: Number 10

comradwaffles: along with math

xxthornwirexx: Great face pause by the way

rondogaming: We will be back next week same time

ninerfett: Thanks for the Podcast, was fun to listen to the discussions. Have a good one, everyone.

xxthornwirexx: Roger

rondogaming: every week

talonzzz: thanks for hanging out with us guys!

rondogaming: the whole show was great it will be up by tomorrow 42gaming.com