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28 Feb Enmity Podcast Ep 25: We Cover Upcoming Content/News some Swtor-mined!, SWTOR Class Changes and more.

On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast we cover the Road Map 2014 & upcoming stuff... some Swtor-mined, Class Changes, Community News. Also look out for our upcoming interview with Swtor Miner.

  • Road Map 2014 [Link]
    • March 17th: Double XP weekend!
    • April 8th: Game Update 2.7
      • Two new Flashpoints on Tython and Korriban where the Empire and Republic confront each other directly, initiating a new storyline that will span updates across the entire year until its galaxy-shaking finale
      • Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress Operation and a new tier of gear
      • New Huttball Warzone on Quesh
      • New Galactic Starfighter Battle Zone
    • June 10th: Game Update 2.8
      • Nightmare Mode Dread Palace Operation
      • New ships and an entirely new Ship Role for Galactic Starfighter
      • And much more… this is going to be the biggest update up to this point - we will reveal more once we are a bit closer to June
  • Swtor-mined: Patch 2.7 PTS Patch | 2/24/2014
  • 2014 Community Cantina Tour Locations [Link]
    • Atlanta, GA - February 28th
    • Boulder, CO - March 21-23rd
    • Boston, MA (PAX East) - April 11-13th
    • Vancouver, Canada - May 23-25th
    • Los Angeles, CA (E3) - June 10-12th
    • San Diego, CA (SDCC) - July 24-27th
    • Cologne, Germany (Gamescom) - August 13-17th
    • Seattle, WA (PAX Prime) - August 30th - September 2nd
    • New York, NY (NYCC) - October 9-12th
    • Las Vegas, NV - November 7-9th
    • Austin, TX - November 21-23rd
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