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28 Apr Enmity Podcast Ep 33: Updates to Strongholds, State of GSF, Community News, News Concerning Enmity Podcast


{Our host Talonzz in Coz Play as Darth Malgus}

 On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast

  • GSF State of the Game
  • Update to Galactic Strongholds and Guild Ships
  • Developer Yellow Text
    • DBL XP weekend - STARTS: Fridays May 2, 2014 to Monday May 5, 2014, 12AM PDT / 7AM [Link]
    • Cartel Rep vendor items are added to collections - Tait Watson confirmed this- If an items is bought from the Cartel Rep vendor, it be added to collections just like it would be from a pack [Link]
    • New Lore Fact of the Day - By Courtney Woods [Link]
  • Community News of the Week
    • Operative & Scoundrels do not have a Class Rep. Update: We do now [Link]
    • CS deletes the wrong toon - BW staff is only human [Link]
  • Weekly Fan Site Shout-Out: New Swtor Stronghold website by swtorista [Link]



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