21 Jan GSS-3 Mangler - Pyro Tank Build by Raging-Rondo (The Bastion) Featured


Pyro Tank Perks:

  • This build is great for sitting on a node and protecting it
  • Tanking and hitting hard this could be the best of both worlds - the speed LOL
  • Hit there shields and kill them in one shot


Major Components



Primary Weapon

Light Laser Cannon

Secondary Weapons #1

Slug Railgun

Secondary Weapons #2

Plasma Railgun

1) Firing Arc increased by 2 degrees, and weapon tracking penalty reduced by 5%
2) blaster damage to enemy ships shields increased by 18%

Reasoning: When you are being 1v1'ed you can reduce the enemies shield for quick railgun kills as they pass by you. This build allows for the accuracy to be maintained while being swarmed.

1) Railgun Accuracy increased by 3% and tracking increased by 5%
2) Railgun damage increased by 10%

Reasoning: High Accuracy and Hard hitting as a tank. While switching between your Plasma railgun that while active on target reduces damage reduction on the target you stand to hit the target for more then they can live through.

1.  Target Damage reduction is reduced by 20% while damage over time is active.
2. Damage dealt by lingering burn is increased by 15%

Reasoning: The reason why I stick with the damage reduction reduced and harder hitting DOT's is because you can gimp the enemy ship for kills even when you can not finish the job and you can set up for a  hard hit from your Slug Railgun with the reduced damage reduction.



Fortress Shield



Barrel Roll

1) Blaster power pool regeneration is increased by 30% while ability is active.

Reasoning: when being bombarded by attacks but you still want to take out that runner this is a great ability to use to increase your shields so that you can get that kill. With the regeneration it also allows you to get more shots off in a smaller amount of aiming time.

1) Ships turning rate increased by 10%

Reasoning: This allows for your accuracy/damage increases to be put to better use when you can stay on a target better due to the turning increase given by this ability.


Minor Components





Deflection Armor


Regeneration extender


Large Reactor


Dampening Sensors

Damage reduction +20%

Reasoning: Hit hard and take hits while your at it it

1) +20 percent regen rate and +20 percent recently used power regen rate

Reasoning: Kill more faster. This to me is an easy skill to pick up when used with the 30% increase we get from the shield perk we are now sitting around 50% increased regen rate for up to 30 seconds at a time.

1) Shield power capacity increased by 20%

Reasoning: the reason why this is used is because with all the regeneration you have in this build you never want to be full. this is because when you are full in a fight you are wasting valuable resources that could be used to kill you enemy. So having a larger pool allows for the regeneration that you have to be used correctly.

1) sensor dampening increased by 7500m

Reasoning: Hit hard take less damage... And be harder to hit. Tanking baby its a lifestyle.




Copilot: Blizz


1) Repairs your ships hull
Reasoning: Take less damage then heal yourself... YUP


Offensive: Skadge


1) Ammo capacity increased by 25%
2) secondary weapon reload and cool down reduced by 8%

Reasoning: More capacity with faster cool downs. This used with the regen rate will keep you killing long after the battle is won


Tactical: Malavia Quinn


1) sensor range increased by 2500m
2) sensor dampening increased by 400m
Reasoning: increased visuals while harder to see I am not seeing a downfall for a long ranged kill first class.


Defensive: Writch Hurley


1) Shield Power pool increased by 10%
2) Shield power regeneration increased by 15%
Reasoning: with the higher shield this just goes back to the whole idea of being a bit more tankie.


Engineering: Vette


1) blaster power pool increased by 10%
2) the cost of using blasters is deceased by 13%
Reasoning: everything else has been regenerating why not make it easier to kill faster and hit more.


Final Thoughts: So this is not a fast running spec. The type pf fighting you will be doing is quick turning to take out targets  that are far away from you. Pick up your sniper rifle and enjoy this pyro spec while you shoot your enemies to space dust.