17 Jan Gunship GSS-3 Mangler - Rip Bypass Build by Anastasie (The Bastion) Featured


Primary Weapons


Burst Laser Cannon

Secondary Weapon #1


 Slug Railgun

Secondary Weapon #2


 Ion Railgun



1) Ignore Armor

2) Increased Hull Damage


Reasoning: BLC to finish off pesky scouts that are in your face and kill turrets without being stationary. I chose increased hull damage because typically you've already hit them with a slug shot, removing their shield.

1) Improved Accuracy

2) Tracking, Increased Critical Hit Chance


Reasoning: No Brainer. Hard hitter to reduce shields and hull.

1) Hits Do Area Damage

2) Engine Disruption


Reasoning: No Brainer. Keeps other ships under your control




Distortion Field



Barrel Roll


1) Disable Enemy Missile Lock


Reasoning: Distortion Field for pesky scouts and a pretty much free win against another gunship

1) Increased Ship Speed


Reasoning: Barrel Roll for an escape/gap-opener/gap-closer/joyride ability. I've tried Interdiction Field, but it's got too long of a cool down and is not nearly as sustainable nor as much utility as Barrel Roll.





 Lightweight Armor



Regeneration Extender



Large Reactor



Dampening Sensors

1) Supplemented by 10% shield strength/6% evasion crew member 1) Blaster Power Pool Regen Increased by 20% 1) +20% Shield Capacity  1) +7500m Sensor Dampening
Copilot: Khem Val
Offensive: Khem Val
2 degrees to firing arc and Bypass too OP to pass up
Defensive: Vector
6% evasion and 10% shields
Tactical: Doctor Lokin
Sensor dampening and communication
Engineering: Blizz
13% Reduced Engine Cost, 13% Increased Engine Pool