13 Jan IL-5 Ocula - DeathSpear Build by Talonzz (The Bastion) Featured


DeathSpear Perks:

  • This build is optimal for up close range dog fighting.
  • You have two ability's that allow you to break missile lock (barrel roll, and Distortion field when fully upgraded)
  • When fighting someone head to head, use blaster overcharge and concentrated fire. You will kill there face!


Major Components:


Primary Weapon:


Burst Laser Cannon

Secondary weapons:


Cluster Missiles

1. Ignore Armor

2 Increased Hull Damage

Reasoning: This weapon does burst damage, and can crit for up to 1,200. Use this ability only when you have the enemy in your sites. single click, not meant to hold down and spray blasters. When you hit someone with the burst laser canon, they know it.

1) Increased Range

2) Double volley

 Reasoning: This weapon is used to finish off the hull of your target. Locks on quickly, allowing you to use them in close combat dog fights.




 Blaster Overcharge



Distortion Field



Barrel roll


 1) Improved Weapon Power Regeneration

2) Increased Weapon Damage

Reasoning: use when going head to head with target to kill them before they kill you.


1) Disable enemy missile lock

Reasoning: Distortion field is OP and should be used by every ship that is able. Especially with this build for its high evasion. Also use this ability when going head to head with fighters or scouts. Do not use this ability when going head to head with a gun ship.


1) Increased Turning Rate

Reasoning: Use for added 10% turning increase. Great for dog fighting! Being able to out turn the enemy will allow you to get the extra shot on them at close range.


Minor Components:




Lightweight Armor



Frequency Capacitor



Large Reactor






Turning thrusters


Reasoning: +10% Evasion Reasoning: Increase fire rate to make up for the evasion used by other ships Reasoning: 20% more shields... Do I need to say anymore   Reasoning: Turns you to your target and is useful for up close dog fighting. Stacks with barrel roll to make your turning 20%




Co pilot:

Reasoning: Use him for 36% crit increase (concentrated fire). Use with blaster overcharge when going head to head with your target to kill them first.


Reasoning: (spare ammo) Ammo capacity increased 25%. (pinpointing) Weapon accuracy increased 6%


Reasoning: (Structural support) Damage reduction increased 9% (response tuning) Evasion increased 6%


Reasoning: (peripheral vision) sensor radius increased 2,500m (silent running) Sensor dampening increased 4,000m


Reasoning: (Efficient fire) cost of using blasters is reduced 13% (efficient maneuvers) cost of engine abilities reduced by 13%


How to Use: This build is optimal for dog fighting at close range. Use this scout to hug satellites and clear out the enemy. You can dart away with spacebar and come back in for the kill. Not meant for fighting in open spaces for to long or going out to get gunships, because you will run out of engine power. This is an offensive build! don't turn and run, turn and shoot. If you have to go on the defensive, use satellites, asteroids or debris to line of site the enemy and break missile lock.