12 Jan IL-5 Ocula - The Pest Build by Talonzz (The Bastion) Featured


Pest Perks:

  • This build is for getting in and out of places fast.
  • Its perfect for getting to and capping satellites.
  • If you want to be a pesky little bastard that no one can kill or get off a satellite, then this is the build for you.

 Major Components:

Primary Weapon:


Rapid-Fire Laser Cannon

Secondary Weapon:


Cluster Missiles

Like I said this is a pesky build...8% Crit. Chance increase and 16% Hull Damage Increase Fast lock on times will allow you to do some damage as you wiz bye the target




Booster Recharge



Quick-Charge Shield



Barrel Roll

This will allow you to almost never run out of engine power/boosters. I like going with the permanent 10% engine recharge, and the 20% instant refill to power pool I choose this for the engine power recently consumed regeneration rate increased + 45.00%. Quick-charge also recharges your shield making you an even harder target to kill This adds an extra 10% engine speed


 Minor Components



Lightweight Armor


Frequency Capacitor


Large Reactor


Power Thrusters

Reasoning:10% evasion Reasoning: Because your a pest +9% to Primary Weapon Rate of Fire Reasoning: 20% more shield per arc Reasoning: 20% to engine power pool. I use space bar a lot for this build, so I like to get the increased power pool whenever I can. I find its better then the Engine speed



co-pilot: Blizz

The (Hydro spanner) that he will allow you to perform is a hull healing ability. This will make you even harder to kill, and a more effective pest.

Offensive: MZ-12

I pick him far his (rapid reload) passive ability. This will reduce your secondary weapon cooldown/reload by 8%. The 25% more ammo is nice as well.

Defensive: Writch Hurley

(power to shields) Shield power pool increased by 10% and (quick recharge) shield regeneration by 15%. Keeping the theme of hard to kill. Also stacks well with Quick-charge shield.

Tactical: Treek or Talos Drellik

(silent running) Sensor dampening increased 4000m.

Engineering: Blizz

(power to engines) Engine power pool increased by10% (Efficient maneuvers) Cast of using engine ability's is reduced by 13%


Final comment:

This is a fun build! Super fast for getting in and out of places and you will never run out of engine power. If you want to be the guy on your team that can hold a satellite while the whole enemy team is trying to cap. Then this is the build for you. Plus you can get from satellite A to satellite C using your boosters the entire time without running out of engine power. If you don't want to let people catch you they wont. I wouldn't recommend a head to head fight with this build. Take more of a zip around behind them approach. This ship is better at getting objectives then kills, but it can win the match for your team.