23 Jan S-13 Sting - Evasive Burst Build by Drakolich (The Bastion) Featured


Major Components




Burst Laser Cannon



Cluster Missiles


1. Ignore armor: Ignores 100% of enemies armor

2. Increased hull damage: Increase hull damage by 16%

1. Increased Ammo Capacity: Ammo increased by 4

2. Double Volley: 30% more damage  and 50% less ammo




Targeting Telemetry  



Distortion Field                   



Retro Thrusters            




1. Threat Evaluation: Evasion increased by 8% for ability duration

2. Precision Targeting: Crit Magnitude increased by 25% and Crit chance increased by 10 % for ability duration.

1. Increased Duration: Ability duration increased by 3 Seconds. 1. Increased Engine Power: Engine power pool increased by 20%.


Minor Components




Lightweight Armor



Frequency Capacitor



Large Reactor



Regeneration Thrusters


1. Increase chance enemies will miss you by 10%. 1. Increase rate of fire by 15%. 1. Shield power capacity increased by 20% per shield arc. 1. Engine power pool regeneration increased by 20%.


Copilot: Talos Drellik
Active (copilot) Ability:
1. Running Interference: Evasion increased by 15% over 20 seconds and applies to nearby ally's within 1000m of you.

Offensive: Khem Val
Passive Ability:
1. Spare Ammo: Ammo capacity increased by 25%
2. Improved Kill Zone: Firing arc increased by 2%
Defensive: Vector
Passive Ability:
1. Power to Shields: Shield power pool increased by 10%
2. Response Tuning: Evasion increased by 6%
Tactical: Talos Drellik
Passive Ability:
1. Peripheral Vision: Sensor radius increased by 2500m
2. Silent Running: Sensor dampening increased by 4000m
Engineering: 2V-R8
Passive Ability:
1. Efficient Fire: Cost of using blasters decreased by 13%
2. Efficient Maneuvers: engine cost reduced by 13%


General strategy is to get within at least 3k M of them and just murder them with burst lasers and cluster missiles. You wanna focus on gunships and node clearing with this build. As for defensive abilities you use distortion as soon as something starts shooting at you, then when the 6 seconds are up, you use targeting telemetry and running interference to give you 64% evasion for 15 seconds which will let you get to your next distortion field. I run retro's because i like it for 1v1 you can retro in a head out to get an extra 35% evasion and finish a missile lock, a good trick is to get within the 500M mark where your burst lasers are most effective get a shot off then retro giving you the opportunity to do it again.  I use regeneration thrusters because without barrel roll or booster overcharge you end up having to boost everywhere so you need the regeneration to keep that play style up.