28 Dec Raging-Rondo's Guide to Pyrotech Mercenary PVE 2.5

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Talent Tree

This is the Tree I run for ALMOST all boss fights. If you run into a fight with a lot of push back on your Power Shot ability then it is a good idea to put 2 points into Stability in the bottom portion of the Arsenal Tree in the middle. This will reduce push back from high AOE damage bosses so you can continue to lay down the big numbers by Proc'ing your Prototype Particle Accelerator giving you free harder hitting Rail Shots. In order to do this pull 2 points out of the Bodyguard tree


My Buffed Tech stats are

110.15 Accuracy
27.61 Critical Chance
72.62 Critical Multiplier
3437 Aim
1360 Power



Starting Rotation


  • Adrenal to be used 1 rotation into your DOT's (Burns on Boss) The reason you do this is because too much of your Adrenals time is used up with GCD's (Global Cool Downs) and casting to make it viable to click this first in your starting rotation.


  • Thermal Detonator
  • Incendiary Missile
  • Electro Net
  • Thermal Sensor Override
  • Fusion Missile 
  • Rail Shot
  • Power Shot
  • Rail Shot Free with Proc From Prototype Particle Accelerator


First of all The main focus of this spec is to Proc Prototype Particle Accelerator every 6 Seconds everything else is just filler for max DPS.

  • Rail Shot with Prototype Particle Accelerator
  • Incendiary Missile active on target
  • Thermal Detonator on Cool Down
  • Fusion Missile with Thermal Sensor Override
  • ElectroNet on Cool Down
  • Power Shot / Unload to Proc Free Rail shot with Prototype Particle Accelerator
  • Rapid Shots if You Are Over 30 Heat


Explanation on Unload:

The reason why I have brought unload into this rotation  on a Cool Down basis is because it allows me to control my heat and this is very important for this class. I could rapid shot while waiting for my heat to dissipate or I could use a hard hitting attack that dissipates more heat then its cost with a full cast. Also because of the length of the cast it allows for the next cast Power Shot to be an almost 100% Proc chance for a free and harder hitting Rail Shot. 




Current Relics


As you can tell at the moment I am using the PvP Version of these Relics. I will be updating to the new PvE Versions as soon as I can get the drop but for a great alternative these have amazing stats on them.

Current Barrel

Current Mod

Current Enhancements

I will be upgrading to a 34 Initiative Enhancement as I receive the drop

Current Ear

Current Implants

Power Crystal

Use your RAPID SHOTS your DPS will fall further if you are over 40 heat

Set up your Skill Que for 1 second

When buying gear not receiving drops buy your Implants and Ear after your Offhand do to the fact that you can not change their stats later when Min Maxing your stats


1. I made an Edit to the Starting Rotation:

You want to do a rail shot before your first power shot in order to proc an additional Railshot

2. I also made an Edit to Priorities:

You do not want to keep your Fusion Missile on Cool Down. Only Use it with a Thermal Sensor Over Ride off CD

3. Unload Explanation added under Priorities

4. Explained the priority portion of the guide to explain the 6 second proc

5. Put Rail Shot in its rightful area on the priority list

January 6 2014:

6. Changed Adrenal in Starting Rotation and explained the change.

7. Explained the Tree Build I have and gave a suggestion for AOE boss fights.

8. added current gear

*Future Edits*

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