06 Jan SWTOR Marauder Guide 2.5 by Myeesaa Featured

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CURRENT WORK IN PROGRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently the last kill point Duel Wield Mastery and Malice as of 1/4/2014 I am currently running 2 in Duel Wield Mastery and 3 in Malice. 


Force Jump

Deadly Saber

Battering Assault




Rupture (On proc) or Duel Saber Throw

Deadly Saber

Move to Priority Rotation 


Priority Rotation 

1. Berserk + Frenzy + Blood Thirst + Adrenal= Supa Burst
2. Deadly Saber
3. Annihilate
4. Rupture
5. Ravage
6. Retaliate 
7. Battering Assault
8. Force Jump
9. Vicious Slash (Only when above 6 rage)
10. Assault

30% Burst

1. Deadly Saber
2. Annihilate
3. Vicious Throw
4. Rupture
5. Battering Assault
6. Jump
7. Ravage

Current Stats (Mix of 72s and 78)

Strength- 3375

                        Melee        Force      Rating

Bonus Damage-  1067          1618      1487 Power

Accuracy---------  99.88%      109.88   425 Accuracy Rating

Crit----------------   22.16%      28.63     128 Critical Rating 

Surge------------   72.63%      72.63      455 Surge Rating

Recomended Gear (for 78s)

Hilt- (78) Advanced Might Hilt 34

Mod- (78) Advanced Deft Mod 34, (78) Advanced Potent Mod 34*

Enhancement- (78) Advanced Initiative Enhancement 34,  (78) Advanced Adept Enhancement 34, (78) Advanced Battle Enhancement 34*

Implants- (78) Dread Forged Weaponmaster's MK-V Package

Ear Piece- (78) Dread Forged Weaponmaster's Device

Relics- (78) Dread Forged Relic of Focused Retribution, (78) Dread Forged Relic of Serendipitous Assault**

*when min maxing in 78 gear compared to any other you are going to use the battle enhancements more than the potent mods for the fact you are trying to squeeze the most power you can out of your build. When I was min maxing in 72s however the battle enhancement was not even looked at.

**If you are currently looking for relics that are "matching" to the pve ones I would highly recommend that you look at the rated warzone ones. They have basically the same stats, 625 pvp to 740 pve, and they are WAY easier to get and are great filler gear till your group is able to hand you one or both of those relics.  

 Things You WILL Need to Marauder

  • You need to hit your min maxed stats, or as close as you can, in my time playing the game as long as I have hit those numbers not matter what gear set I have pulled great dps.
  • Your 4 set.
  • An understanding of how to melee. You are playing a melee, you have a short range, your next to the boss A LOT, try to minimize your damage, but stay with boss.
  • For Annihilation, dot and stack management. You have to get deadly saber and annihilate out on cool down in order to keep proper stacks. They helped by increasing the timer but it still sometimes takes creative thinking in order to keep those up.
  • And be prepared to die a lot. I have been playing a marauder for two years and there are still times when I look up and i'm dead, it happens it like a marauder curse.
  • A dps buddy!!! find someone to challenge you preferable a ranged so you guys can battle it out for the top and have fun.