04 Mar Make Credits by Saving them - Savings Tip #1

Published in Swtor Tips


What is the best way to make credits in Swtor, by saving them! It doesn’t matter how many credits you make if you spend them all.

This tip will show you have to save credits on timed useable items like Experience Boosts, Stims, Etc. Your useable items (aka credits) are ticking away if you have wait a while for a flash points Quw, in between war zone matches or waiting for the raid group to form.


  If you are in any type of dialogue scene, it will freeze the timers on your reusable items. As you can see in this screenshot, you can still even use guild and general chat.


This war zone que popped after 10min but as you can see, only a few seconds pasted on our reusables. So find any quest giver near by and start saving credits.