On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast

  • Shout-Out to BioWare Community Team
  • State of the Game (PVP,PVE & more)
  • Developer Yellow Text
    • Start of PVP Ranked Season 2 - Coming with Game Update 2.7.1
    • Community Cantina Tour Arrives in Los Angeles, California! - Venue: Caña Rum Bar / Date: Thursday, June 12th, 2014 / Time: 7:00-10:00PM PDT 
    • First Grand Acquisitions Pack Available For A Limited Time
  • Community News of the Week
    • PVE Scoundrel Healing Guide - From SWTOR Forums
    • Things you missed the first few times - From Reddit


On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast

  • Community Cantina in Boston
    • "Why isn't SAbacc in the Game"
    • Stronghold trophies in ships?... No
    • Why Does the Guardian/Jugg DPS - @Musco "I don't Know"
    • @Musco Opinion about pvp ranked rating at 1500: New blog coming Tues
    • and more


Reference chart showing the basics for endgame crafting.

swtor-crafting-guide-2-7-endgame01 100 100

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I found the Video on this reddit post - The voice of Winnie the Pooh reads Darth Vader's lines from Star Wars - [2:25]

On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast
  • Tank Love - We talk tanks in and PVE and PVP
  • Ideas for New WarZones
  • Ideas for New Creature / Vehicle Mounts [Link]

On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast
  • Great Healing Debate - Op/Scoundrel  Vs Sorc/Sage Vs Merc/Commando
  • Prepping for Game Update 2.7: Invasion

  Gazelle - The Gazelle Advantage

Gazelle is a fast and easy way for you to get cash for your used electronics

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There are a lot of ways to make credits off the GTN without Crafting.

On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast
  • Galactic Strongholds News
  • Guild Ships
  • A few new 2.7 PTS Patch notes of Interest
  • Shout out to the Guild <Failure> and a talk about Honor in PVP
    • Dego , Patchwork, Vilescent, Truenoob in <Failure> on The Bastion server
On this week Enmity SWTOR podcast
Does swtor feel like Star Wars? We cover gear, planets, war zones, lore and more.
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